Friday, November 11, 2011

Author Interveiw - Callie Hutton

Hi Everyone,

Come join me in getting to know Callie, why she writes in the Romance genre, and find out when her releases will be available!

1.) When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?
When I first learned to type in high school and realized I could now write all the stories I’d been making up in my head most of my life.
2.) What type of genre do you write in?
Romance. I’ve written both historical and contemp. Always with some humor
3.) What inspires you to write in this genre?
It’s my favorite genre to read—right now, anyway. I’ve gone through periods where I only read biographies, or biographical fiction, or mystery, or thrillers.
4.) Where to you get your ideas for your writing?
They just pop into my head. Sometimes I’ll hear a name and start a story about someone with that name, or I’ll think of a situation, and make up a story about that.
5.) Who are your favorite authors and why?
Wow, the list is sooooo long. Let’s see: Janet Evonovich, Stephanie Laurens, Jude Devereaux, Lynsay Sands, Judith Mc Naught, Sandra Brown, Jodi Thomas, Eloise James, Georgina Gentry, Catherine Coulter, Leigh Greenwood, Linda Leigh Miller, Dorothy Garlock, Debbie Macromber. That’s for starters. The list can go on much longer.
6.) In your opinion, what key parts of a story make it great?
The characters. The richness of their personalities, their flaws, and virtues. How they relate to life and each other.
7.) What activities do you undertake for inspiration?
People watch
8.) Do you belong to any writing communities, or critique groups?
I have a critique group that my long time CP and I started; I also belong to the Pro branch of RWA, and my local chapter of RWA, the Okie Outlaws.
9.) Do you have a day job?
I work as a substitute teacher.
10.) If you could do it over again, what aspects of the writing/submission process would you change before becoming published?
Hmm. Nothing really.
11.) What is the title of your upcoming/newly released novel, and where can we find it?
A Run For Love, available on Soul Mate Publishing in November 23, 2011.
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  1. Great Interview. Looking forward to your book Callie!

  2. Great interview and beautiful cover! That trailer is perfect. Congrats girl!

  3. Wonderful interview ladies...and Callie I still can't get over how gorgeous your cover is and how much I love your trailer! Huge deserve it!!

  4. Hey Callie - love the cover of the book and interview was great!

  5. Great interview, Callie. Best of luck with the book.

  6. Thanks for the invite Mandi. Enjoyed the interview, Callie-

    Susan Stec, author, The Grateful Undead They're So Vein