Monday, May 21, 2012

Vampires, Werewolves, or Demons, who's hottest of them all?

In honor of my blog poll that I have just now realized has been closed (hence my wondering why no one was voting) - well, I've clicked enough option on my blog and the poll is officially open! I need to know what floats my dear readers'  -heart pounding, body flushing, tingles all over what do I want to read next - literary boats?

I thought we could go over the options.

Number 1? Vampires, oh my!  and oh, yes ;)
Vampires have their pluses, they are immortal, hello! Who doesn't want to spend forever with their oberly hot honey? They have plenty of time of gain some major financial stability, too, so that's a plus.
On the downside, there is the drinking blood thing, which is not the best diet to have to be on. Also, I'm a sun worshiper even though I burn annoyingly easily.

Number 2: Werewolves.
I'll concede to the fact that the casting director for the True Blood series has done a fabulous job, so 2 of my images are of two of their characters, great job, ladies across the world squee in happy dances every Sunday night.
On the pluses for werewolves, their lives are extended, if not immortal, and they are seriously toned. Have you ever seen an overweight werewolf? No? Me either. So, you can bet werewolves that you read about have sculpted, um, everything.
Now for the not-so-attractive attributes to this species: well, they tend to eat meat, and that's okay, but they don't cook it before they consume it. Have you ever smelled old hamburger meat? Not such a scrumptious odor, and worse, what if your honey would want to give you a big smack on the lips with old blood all over their chest and/or lips?

Number 3 is demons:  Well, I don't know much about them but have been enjoying new reads. Demons, especially hot male demon hunks, tend to be shrouded in mystery, their powers are endless, or at least that's what they want you to think, and they know things about your body that you didn't even know.
The downs? Well, demons aren't from this world, and they usually come forth from, well, you know, that dark sulfur reeking pit from down below, um, somewhere, where humans aren't aloud, unless of course the big bad has some use for them.

So... I need your help! I'm looking for answers about what readers are into and what they would like to see on the books shelves for their next purchase, whether that be at the bookstores or on an e-reader.


  1. Hi Mandi, love your post. I vote for all three. Why don't we combine them and have a mysterious, sculpted immortal who is extremely hot.

  2. Hmmm... I like your idea Janna :)

  3. Demons! I mean who doesn't want a man one can convert with love?!

  4. I agree Ann, thanks for stopping :)