Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bizarre Life of Sydney Sedrick - Now in Print!!!

Bizarre Life of Sydney Sedrick, Book 1 in the Tales of Sydney Sedrick, is now officially available in Print through:

Here's the back cover blurb:

After a rogue werewolf attack triggers her latent powers as the Selected, Sydney Sedrick is reluctantly dragged into a war of vampires and werewolves, both battling for total species domination. Each try to use her as their pawn and are willing to use any force necessary to gain control of her special gifts. For her protection, Sydney is armed with only her grandmother's journal and Blake, the sexy werewolf who insists they are meant to be together. In order to succeed, Sydney must embrace her destiny and join the battle to protect both sides from genocide. Caught between two very different worlds, belonging to neither, Sydney is forced to risk it all, or lose everything and everyone she holds dear.

Betrayal Bites - Book 2 in the Tales of Sydney Sedrick is now available on ebook


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