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No Remorse Author - Mary Bast

Thanks so much for being a guest on my blog today, Mary.

Can you tell us a little about your release, No Remorse?

Due to her unusual birth, Amber has abilities no other werewolf has ever possessed. On the run since childhood, the lone wolf avoids contact with other werewolves at all cost, continually moving, constantly looking over her shoulder and always alone.
Everything changes when Amber saves a werewolf from the mere brink of death, Blake, the only werewolf to ever protect her. Love blossoms, but not without tribulations when Amber realizes she must help her new pack rescue a member who is being held hostage by a rival pack.
Warring with emotions of going from lone wolf to the pack leader’s mate, Amber must decide if she is willing to risk Blake’s life to know true family and friendship despite the fact that the Council is hell bent on locating her and will stop at nothing until she is found. Will Amber’s special abilities be enough to keep everyone safe?

That sounds like a fun read, can you tell me a little about yourself?

MaryLynn Bast is a Texas native who is currently living it up in Las Vegas. Bast writes paranormal fantasy romance because it allows her imagination to run rampant, permitting the characters of her stories to obtain abilities not possible in the real world, or is it? MaryLynn is married to Patrick, has three children, three step children and enjoys traveling the world.

Considering I live in the chilly state of Wisconsin, Las Vegas sounds nice right about now!

Now, here's a teaser from Mary's release, No Remorse -
They were already moving when the third shot rang out from the trees, again missing his intended target as the two wolves sprang apart. Their sensitive ears heard the muffled curses as the rifle jammed on the attempt to shoot a fourth shot. They heard the leaves rustling wildly as the shooter scrambled from his hiding position and began running through the thick bushes, running for his life.
Blake and Amber ran faster. They ran silently, making a wide circle and came at the gunman from opposite sides. They watched the man struggling to get through the thick brush, not making it very far. The leaves covering the hidden roots and the thickets hindered his escaped. The roots, as well as the tree limbs, appeared to reach out and tear at him when he tried to run away, causing him to stumble with each step he took.
Amber pushed her senses out into the forest, seeking other wolves in the area. Other than the ones who ran into the yard to help the boy, she and Blake were the only ones in this part of the forest. Amber’s mind sought Blake’s.
He’s alone, Amber informed him while they stalked the man from opposite sides.
Don't kill him, we need him alive, Blake told her when he saw her bare her large canines. She stalked towards the terrified man and gave a low guttural growl.
The man held the useless gun in front of him like he thought it would keep him safe, “Oh, man, oh, man, oh, man.” He stammered frantically looking from side to side when he saw the large growling wolves advancing menacingly towards him. He backed up, tripping over more of those blasted branches, barely catching his balance before he fell.
Amber feigned a run at the man and he swung the butt of the rifle at her. She veered out of the way before it impacted with her side. Blake's wolf seeing that the man was trying to hurt his mate lunged.
The wild swing took him off balance. In his haste he had miscalculated and felt himself tip. He watched as if in slow motion as the largest wolf he had ever seen came straight for him. The black and gray muscular wolf landed squarely on his chest, causing him to lose the grip on the gun when he landed hard on the ground. The man felt the massive weight of the wolf slamming him to the ground, forcing the breath from his lungs. The gunman fought to breathe while staring in horror at the wolf’s teeth that were bared in a snarl, spittle dripping from its snout onto his face.
We need him alive, remember? Amber reminded him, laughingly. Her adrenaline was pumping and she could hear the man’s heart as it beat an erratic pattern in his chest. She could hear him struggle to breathe as Blake's solid frame pinned the man to the ground. It would be easy to step forward and rip the man’s throat out.
Sensing her train of thought, Blake swiftly shifted and sat with his knees on the man’s chest. Shifting back to his human form had distracted Amber long enough to interrupt her thoughts of tearing the man’s throat out. He heard Amber’s laughter once again in his head, following where her eyes were looking. Glancing down at himself, he realized that he was sitting on top of the man in all his glory.
Blake shot an amused look at Amber and would have laughed himself if the situation were not as severe as it was. His wolf still raged at him to kill the man who had shot at them, who had endangered the woman he loved. He sent a calming push to his wolf to assure it that his mate was safe.
“Can I trust you not to eat him?” Blake asked her out loud, for the benefit of the man on the ground more than anything. When Amber growled her response, Blake chuckled and quickly jumped to his feet.
The man was frozen in terror, not daring to move as the black wolf came closer. He stared wide-eyed as it curled its lip and bared its teeth at him and continued emitting a low menacing growl.

Now that sounds like something I'd enjoy reading!

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Thanks again Mary for taking the time to be a guest on my blog, best wishes to you and all your future writing projects :)


  1. Mandi,
    Thanks for having me on your blog today. I appreciate your support and hope everyone enjoys the excerpt from No Remorse.
    Look forward to hearing comments and answering any questions.
    MaryLynn Bast

  2. I have read No Remorse and found it to be an excellent book. I highly recommend it.

    1. Thanks for stopping! I love her excerpt and the cover is hot :)

  3. Hey MaryLynn I still have yet to read your book, still hoping I can win a copy off of goodread. Keep up the awesome work and I love the idea of this book. :)

    1. Good luck Danielle! Thanks so much for stopping :)

  4. Mary I have read it and I need to know if there will be any more of Amber and that hunk? I love the way you tell this story, wow, you have me on edge, now I feel as thought I know these people personally and am waiting on Amber to call me and tell me what is up with her and Blake (the hunk).

    1. My name is LInda Smith Lydia, it would not let me post above!

    2. Great post! Well Mary, sounds like your readers want a sequel!

  5. Sounds right up my ally! Great interview!

  6. Thanks Krystal! It's definitely on top pf my tbr list :)

  7. very cool very interesting!! can't wait to read the book!

  8. Thanks for stopping Sarah, and I agree!

  9. Yay, another excerpt :)