Thursday, March 8, 2012

Funny Collections

As a writer, I found that I need inspirations, or just something really to cool to look at while I let my eyes rest from the brights computer screen which I find myself looking at for a large portion of every day. So, I've found myself collections Monster High Dolls. My daughter gave me my first one, Draculaura, the daughter of Dracula, for a gift. She knows I have an unnatural, or would it be supernatural? attraction to anything that has to do with romance, paranormal, fashion, drama, you name it, I love it. So, 13 dolls later, I'm hooked. I've even spent Saturday mornings going to stores two cities away with my bestie in search of the last few that I don't have. She was also looking to up her daughter's collection. So, we all have our 'collections' of sorts, or things that we like to do, have, collect, look at ect... Inspiration is good, and it comes in all different shapes, sizes, colors, and themes.

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