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Juliet Chastain - Cry of the Wolf

Please welcome Juliet Chastain to my blog today, I'm so happy to have you!

So, give us a tease of what Cry of the Wolf is about:

When the powerful wolf who catapults into her life changes into a passionate man, Laura is too shy to show her love for him—or is she?
Big, powerful, dangerous, he’s the alpha wolf. He is also a man. She’s Laura, shy human farmer. He’s passionately in love with her. She doesn’t know he exists. But when he catapults into her life, rescuing her from her two vicious neighbors and turning into a hunk named Michael, she is overwhelmed with desire for him.
The heat between them rises although Michael, fearing she would be repulsed by his dual nature, says nothing of his passionate feeling for her, and Laura is too shy to reveal her ardent craving for him. Unless they summon the courage to open their hearts to one another, they will lose each other forever.
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Here's a taste of this amazing read:

A bitter cold crept into him and the pain was excruciating yet the woman, the beautiful sweet-faced woman whom he had been watching for months, the woman whom he had been longing for, caressed and murmured to him, comforting him with her soft, soothing words. Her deep blue eyes looked at him with tenderness and pity while he was a wolf. As a man, women paid him lots of attention and as a wolf, female wolves looked on him with favor, but this had never happened. Not in all his life had a human being acted kindly to him when he was a wolf.
He suppressed a groan. Was he close to her at last, the woman of his dreams, only to die miserably in the snow at her feet? She stood above him now, removing her clothing. She’d said something about covering him to keep him warm. He whined softly. She was even more beautiful up close than he had imagined she would be. The sight of her opulent naked body above him in the moonlight overwhelmed him with all too human desire and shook his very being. He felt himself suddenly ablaze with passion—the passion of a man. He felt himself begin to transform and, in the grip of his all too human emotions, he could not stop himself.
He heard her cry out in surprise. She had seen him change from an animal to a man. Now she would know him for the monster he was and would run screaming from him. No way she’d ever want him the way he wanted her. His dreams of human happiness were just dreams and nothing more. He closed his eyes, hoping he would die soon.
“I don’t understand, I—I—this is impossible,” she stuttered. “It’s like out of a book! I...I must be dreaming. I have to be dreaming. This cannot be happening...”
Then she spoke in a firmer voice. “No, as insane as this is, it’s real—at least I think so. But even if I am dreaming, I’m not going to let you die. I don’t know what you are, but I’m going to do everything I can to help you.” He felt her hand gently touch his forehead. “You are so cold.” Her warm breasts brushed against his chest as she leaned over him, trying to position something—her robe—under him, between him and the snow.

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Thanks Juliet for being on my blog today, I wish you the greatest success in your writing projects!

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