Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Day Before Release - What to do?

So today is the day before the release of Bizarre Life of Sydney Sedrick. What do authors typically do the day before their big release? I've decided to keep writing on book number two in the series, a lame effort to quell the butterflies swirling around in my exstatic head and the cheerleaders jumping around my chest cheering YAY!!! Okay, I can barely think of anything else. If anyone has ideas on how to productively spend the night before release day, feel free to comment :)



  1. Congratulations, Mandi on you publishing debut. The book is awesome and I wish you great success--In fact, I'll be first in line to read it. Marian

  2. Mandi had a hard time posting had to use annonymous--thought I'd let you know. Marian

  3. Hi Marian, that is odd, I'll have to check on that. And thanks, you're the best crit partner anyone could every ask for :)
    Happy writing! And I can't wait to read the ending for Burn in Hell! Great story, I'm so into your charector, Jake.

  4. Congratulations!! I too have a release with soulmate but mine isn't until next month. You'll have to update us on what you did the night before so I can get ideas for the night before my release :) I wish you the best of luck tomorrow!!


  5. Good luck today Mandi. We're all cheering you on.

  6. Happy release day! Here's to many more!


    Karin Shah
    BLOOD AND KISSES Available now!

  7. Good Luck with Bizarre Life of Sydney Sedrick. One of my CPs bought it.

  8. Hi Mandy, just "hopping" over to say good luck and happy launch day!

  9. I share those annoying cheerleaders in the chest and the pesky butterflies. :) Best of luck, and may your book outsell all your wildest expectations!

    Authorial hugs and well wishes,
    Elle Hill

  10. Thanks Everyone :) You ladies are the best. Feel free to send me your address to caseymandi@yahoo.com and I'll mail you some swag

  11. Mandi,

    I'm so happy for you. This day is a long time coming.

    You deserve it.

  12. Mandi--

    Happy (belated) release day! I hope you enjoyed it and did something fun to celebrate!