Monday, October 31, 2011

Guest Blogger Krista Holle on Selkies ~ vs ~ Vampires

Welcome Krista! Thanks for visiting my blog today. Everyone, enjoy Krista's post on Selkies ~ vs ~ Vampires :)

Selkies ~vs~ Vampires

This one thing I’ll admit. I wrote a story about selkies because I figured everybody else was getting tired of vampires. But to my chagrin, I’m learning that most people don’t have a clue as to what a selkie is. Hello? Anybody ever seen The Secret of Roan Inish, or how about Ondine with Colin Farrell? Okay, so that last one was a disappointing flop. In light of these two poorly publicized movies, I’m on a campaign to raise selkie awareness.

The word “selkie” is the Orcaidian dialect for the word “seal”. The selkies traditionally are beautiful seal people that shed their seal skins when they slip from the North Sea, to either bask in the sun or cause a bit of mischief. The males might strangle a sheep or two or seduce the blacksmith’s daughter. In my novel, The Lure of Shapinsay, the selkies are quite a bit more dangerous than the ones from the old fairy tales. Kait Swanney, a fiery blonde who lives on the tiny island of Shapinsay, discovers this when she is blamed for the murder of a half selkie infant. Like sirens of old, Kait becomes dangerously besotted by the very selkie who’d like to have her dead. It’s quite a pickle.

Both selkies and vampires have a penchant for killing humans, so let’s compare these two legendary creatures:

· Selkies are so very cute and cuddly in their seal form (watch out for their claws) and in their human form they are the most beguiling creatures on earth. Vampires, though admittedly pleasant to look at are missing that raw animal instinct.

· Vampires will always lust for blood more than they love you. While it’s true that a selkie’s heart will always belong to the sea, hemorrhaging is a lot less sexy than being drowned in the sea.

· Selkies smell like the beach and vampires…well they have no scent at all unless they’ve been hunting, and then they have blood breath.

· In the winter, selkies come with their own warm blanket, while vampires are ice cold and offer no warmth at all.

· Selkies may roam the land naked, but they don’t know this is indecent. Vampires on the other hand, are proud of their evil deeds.

There’s really no contest as you’ll discover in The Lure of Shapinsay—the selkies come out on top. My new book will be released on Amazon towards the end of the year. If you’d like to keep updated with the cover art and release dates, please visit my blog at I’d also love to chat with you on twitter.

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