Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ann Montclair - The Billionare's Bauble - New Release

Interview with David Grant, hero of The Billionaire’s Bauble by Ann Montclair

Tell us a little about yourself.
My name is David Grant, and I’m the owner and CEO of Grant Oil in Fairbanks, Alaska. I’m in my mid thirties, never been married, have no kids. I’m 6’3” tall and enjoy excellent health and wealth.
So, why Alaska? Wouldn’t you rather live in Texas where the typical rich oil baron resides?
Grant Oil is family owned and operated. True, I am presently the only surviving family member, but my late father started the company in Alaska, and I have a fondness for the land and its magnificent natural resources. I enjoy hobbies like mountain climbing and hunting, and I admire the purity of Alaska’s environment and the opportunities it provides me for outdoor recreation. Does Texas have mountains? Perhaps small hills… Also, the weather is just harsh enough in Alaska to keep out wannabe wildcatters. Not to say I won’t expand my business to Texas, but for the moment, Alaska is the only home Grant Oil knows.
What occupies most of your time?
Making money, of course. I work seven days a week finding, extracting, and refining oil. I try to get in a brisk workout every day, and I eat well. I do make time to recreate as I have already disclosed.
Do you go out and party like many young singles?
(Shakes his head vigorously) Absolutely not. I’ve no time for parties and even less time for drinking, though I’m no hermit. I occasionally have dinner and drink a few beers or glasses of wine at my best friend’s home. He is also in the oil business and is happily married to a medical doctor.
If you had a motto what would it be?
Trust your gut. March to your own tune.
You sound like a self-reliant man? Is there room in your life for love?
(He chuckles). I am confident that I know myself best. I think everyone does if they just listen to what they want, set goals, and work to achieve them. As for love, I do enjoy the company of females. I like women who are savvy and independent. Big butts are a plus. But I wouldn’t name love a high priority. I leave that to the folks who need it.
What do you need, Mr. Grant?
(He shifts uncomfortably in his seat. Frowns in thought.) I never give much thought to what I need. I guess I have everything: money, friends, a home, a great job. Can you think of anything I’m missing?
Hmmmm. Sounds almost perfect.
Almost? Can you be specific as to what you see lacking in the lifestyle I’ve described?

Oops. We’re out of time! It was a pleasure speaking with you, Mr. Grant.
Likewise. Good luck with this writing thing you’re pursuing, ma’am. Sounds like risky business to me. If you ever need a real job, Grant Oil might be hiring.

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  1. Congrats on your release Ann. Book sounds great and you know how happy I am for you.

    Happy holidays

  2. I appreciate it, BJ. This is such great fun!
    xo, Ann

  3. Congrats on the release of The Billionaires Bauble.

    I love that you interviewed your character. Fun!

    I can vouch for the fact that this book is a great read. Good job Ann.