Sunday, December 18, 2011

Power cords and other gadgets

It is quite amazing how I've become so dependant upon electronic gadgets. My power cord for my laptop that I use for all of my writing endeavors was frayed, and finally the tiny section that was bent over and over again became weak and the exposed wires started to fray, and of course no matter how I tried to position the cable, it just wouldn't charge my laptop, which has my current WIP and the outline for the next. Needless to say, I can't do without my laptop, and my laptop can't do without a functioning power cord.

As a writer, what items in your arsenal are so crucial that you just can't do without?


  1. Hey Mandi,

    You can imagine my surprise when I was reading your blog and my own book cover appeared next to it. Very cool, thank you.

    I can't do without my Romance Writers Phrase Book by Jean Kent and Candace Shelton. My copy is so worn, I have it tied together with a rubber band. But I LOVE it.

    Good luck with your book.

  2. Laptop and ipod (and all the things that keep them charged of course :)

  3. My laptop is my life-line and my writer's ink.

    Nice blog, Mandi!

    Happy days ...

  4. Thanks, I can't believe how empty I felt without being able to pop onto my laptop, check all my favorite sites, blog, facebook, amazon sales ranks ect... Lol, I'm just happy all I needed was a chord, Christmas season is NOT the time to have to purchase a new laptop :)

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