Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Awesome Author Tool

Well, better late than never! Through discussions with some of the other SMP authors, I learned something very crucial for published authors whose works are available through Amazon updates sales information about every hour, which I knew and have been obsessively watching the sales rank of my latest release, Bizarre Life of Sydney Sedrick. Well... Through, you can track every single sale of your novel. The catch of the site is that you have to sign up, on the day your novel becomes available, otherwise, it only tracks sales numbers from the day you set up your account (which is totally free) and set specific novels to be tracked. Hope this helps everyone for their releases, and those yet to be released. It's both fun and frustrating at the same time, and you can see what promotional materials and efforts work, and which ones don't. Happy writing everyone, keep sharing these fun and helpful tips, it will help everyone! Now, how do I get more sales?

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