Friday, January 27, 2012

Contract For Book 2 Signed - Check, Happy Dance - Commence!

I just signed a contract for Betrayal Bites, Book 2 in the Tales of Sydney Sedrick! I couldn't be more happy. I have to say that I didn't imagine I'd get to this point in my writing career, but here I am. Honestly, self-promotion does not come easy. Facebook is fun, romance reader loops are enlightening, Twitter? Yeah, Twitter is like an alien language that I've yet to tackle. I've read from the greats in the romance writing profession is to only do what you can commit to and keep track of, like blogging for instance.

It's a bit too soon to have the cover art for Betrayal Bites, so I'll put a pic of Bizarre Life of Sydney Sedrick :)


  1. Bravo! Even with a background in marketing, I've found overcoming my resistance to marketing my own books difficult. I've managed to get started, and all I can tell ya is little bites, little bites. If I take big ones, I get overwhelmed by it all.

  2. Congratulation, Mandi. I can't wait to read it. I'll do a little promotion here for you. Come over and visit Mandi at today